body part

body part
any part of an organism such as an organ or extremity (Freq. 2)
Hypernyms: ↑part, ↑piece
saddle, ↑underpart, ↑horseback, ↑dock, ↑ambulacrum, ↑withers, ↑cannon, ↑shank, ↑loin, ↑lumbus, ↑hindquarters, ↑croup, ↑croupe, ↑rump, ↑gaskin, ↑flank, ↑thorax, ↑apparatus, ↑adnexa, ↑annexa, ↑area, ↑region, ↑dilator, ↑groove, ↑vallecula, ↑partition, ↑external body part, ↑structure, ↑anatomical structure, ↑complex body part, ↑bodily structure, ↑body structure, ↑fornix, ↑system, ↑ampulla, ↑tissue, ↑mentum, ↑organ, ↑venter, ↑energid, ↑protoplast, ↑process, ↑outgrowth, ↑appendage, ↑lobe, ↑rectum, ↑shoulder, ↑torso, ↑trunk, ↑body, ↑chest, ↑pectus, ↑hip, ↑haunch, ↑abdomen, ↑stomach, ↑belly, ↑dorsum, ↑back, ↑small, ↑buttocks, ↑nates, ↑arse, ↑butt, ↑backside, ↑bum, ↑buns, ↑can, ↑fundament, ↑hind end, ↑keister, ↑posterior, ↑prat, ↑rear, ↑rear end, ↑stern, ↑seat, ↑tail, ↑tail end, ↑tooshie, ↑tush, ↑bottom, ↑behind, ↑derriere, ↑fanny, ↑ass, ↑buttock, ↑cheek, ↑stump, ↑shin, ↑toe, ↑joint, ↑articulation, ↑articulatio, ↑loins, ↑feature, ↑lineament, ↑rudiment
Part Holonyms: ↑organism, ↑being
Part Meronyms: ↑corpus

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